Student Visas


Student, subclass 500

Student Guardian, subclass 590

Student, subclass 500

  • Age 6 and over
  • Accepted for full-time study in a registered course (see: CRICOS)
  • English skills (certain applicants only)
  • Access to sufficient funds to pay for travel and cover 12 months of tuition and living fees in Australia
  • Organised appropriate welfare arrangements (if under 18)
  • Arranged overseas student health cover
  • No substantial criminal record
  • Good health (free from tuberculosis at the time of travel to Australia)

$21,041 per year – primary applicant
$7,362 per year – partner/de facto partner of the primary applicant
$3,152 per year – child of the primary applicant

Course fees – primary applicant
$8,296 – annual school fee for each child aged 5-18

Return air fare to Australia – primary applicant
One return air fare to Australia per person – family members

All student visa applicants are assessed against the GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) requirement.
The following factors are considered:
• circumstances in the applicant’s home country
• the applicant’s potential circumstances in Australia
• the applicant’s immigration history
• the value of the course to the applicant’s future
• any other matter relevant to the applicant’s intention to stay temporarily.

Student Guardian, subclasss 580

For guardians of students under 18 and those who require care and support due to exceptional circumstances.

  • Age at least 21 (except parent)
  • Can not bring dependent children under 6*
  • Close relative of the student: parent, spouse, de facto partner, a child, brother or sister of the applicant, step-child,
    step‑parent, step-brother or step-sister of the applicant, grandparent, grandchild, aunt, uncle, niece or nephew, or
    a step‑grandparent, step-grandchild, step-aunt, step-uncle, step‑niece or step-nephew**
  • Access to sufficient funds
  • No criminal record
  • Good health

*unless exceptional circumstances apply

This visa does not allow to work.